The 5 Facts That Every Thai Food Chef Follows For The Right Flavour

Talking about Thai cuisines, it is no longer limited to being available in Thailand. It has become a global food choice due to the simplistic preparation methods as well as the use of herbs and natural ingredients. Thai food is known to retain the freshness of the ingredients while making it a complete meal.Talk to any chef or a Thai food expert, and they would tell you the demand Thai food has received in the present times. With a combination of good taste and healthy ingredients, it is something that has taken up the culinary world by a storm.When spoken to chefs from a reputed Thai restaurant in Mornington specialising in the best Thai cuisines, they came up with a few important facts that are related to the preparation and how the best can be extracted from the cooking.

Thai Cuisine
Thai Cuisine

The Vegetables Are to Be Cut Well

When it comes to cutting or chopping the vegetable to cook Thai meals, it is to be finely chopped and nothing large in size. When the vegetables are finely cut, it will take lesser time to cook while allowing it to retain the nutrition and the natural flavour. It is said that more you keep vegetables heated, the fasted does it lose out on its nutrients.

The Vegetables Are to Be Stir-fried in the Right Way

There is a difference between deep-frying vegetables and stir-frying them. When it comes to retaining the freshness and the flavour of the vegetables, it is to be stir-fried. Stir-frying includes pouring oil into the wok and immediately putting in the vegetables in them and stirred continuously without letting it sit in the oil and fire. While doing this, once the vegetables are coated with the oil, it should be removed from the wok and thus preventing wilting or giving the soggy effect.

Making Use of the Mortar and Pestle

This is a tool that has been in use since years altogether even before the advent of electronic mixers and grinders. Grinding spices, making sauces and preparing pastes retains the authentic flavour while making you control the texture of it, unlike the machines where you cannot always control the results. These tools are often made up of clay, stone or wood and depending on the ease of use, it can be picked.

Each Ingredient Should Be Minced Well

Now whether it is the use of meat or lemongrass, each of it should be equally minced to allow the dish to retain the flavours of each. Chefs specialising in Thai food agree that this allows even cooking while preventing one ingredient to overpower the other. While this is done, the flavour of each ingredient tantalises the taste buds while making you consume a sumptuous Thai meal.

Spices Should Be Roasted Before Grinding

It is not just the Thai cooking method that follows such a method. There are several Asian countries who adopt such technique. The spices to be used for the cooking should always first be roasted until brown and then grind in a mortar or an electric grinder. This lends a bold flavour to the food while making it taste better.